When you buy stocks, you get some type of documentation saying you own such and such. You keep this documentation in a safe place. When you buy gold futures, you also get some type of documentation. Isn’t that fun? All of this pretty documentation. All of these fancy pieces of paper saying you own stuff you will never see.

All of this documentation showing your investments is easy to store. But, when you invest in real gold, storage becomes more of a problem.

Storing the physical gold you bought to secure your future might not be easy, but it is much more fun to own real gold bars or coins than it is to own a bunch of documentation saying you own stuff you will never see or touch. If you are not quite decided on storing physical gold, you might as well consider precious metals ira or gold ira for your investments.

The best part is that at any time, you can take out your gold and roll around in all of this super shiny stuff. You can pour it over your head. You can roll it around in your hands. You can sift through it with your fingers. Now that is fun!

But, storage is still a bit of a hassle. Don’t worry. The hassle of storing real gold you have bought with your hard earned money is far outweighed by the thrill of owning real gold.
All you need to store your precious shiny treasures is a few fire proof safes. Yes, it is far better to store your gold in several, well hidden fire proof safes than in just one. In the rare chance that your home is burglarized, the thief will not suspect that you have more than one safe. That means, as soon as he finds one safe and takes all of the gold in this safe, he will bee-line it out of there before getting caught.

He will never think you might have more safes hidden around the house with more gold. You will lose a little bit of gold, but this is far better than losing all of your precious investment.
A small safe can be hidden anywhere, even in plain sight. All you have to do is throw some type of decoration on top of the safe, and no one will ever suspect there is a small fortune of gold underneath. You can hide a small safe in the wood pile or under your bed, or even in your clothes closet. The possibilities are endless. Investing in gold secures your future.